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Startup Welcome

by Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Cofounder of Vsnap
You can see Matt Lauzon’s awesome call to action in the tweet above. What a great idea — a welcome “basket” from the startup community for people starting companies here or people rejoining the community. 

In the interest of action, here’s my thought on how Vsnap can help with this right away. Three points…

  1. We’re already seeing a lot of interest from businesses that want to use Vsnap to capture customer testimonials. And we’re kinda doing this with the Vthankyou campaign — if you squint, it’s pretty easy to see these thank you messages as “testimonials” of how people feel about the service and sacrifice of America’s veterans. Vsnap makes it dead-easy to sign up and press record and say what you feel, and video captures that so much better than text. 
  2. We’re about to introduce the ability to generate an embed code for vsnaps. That will make it easy for anyone who wants to have customers use Vsnap to record testimonials to then display them on their own blog. 
  3. Vsnap lets you attach stuff right to the video message. All kinds of documents, as well as promotional deals and discounts etc. 

So … for the Startup Welcome … let’s not overthink this. Let’s just find 10 members of the local community who want to be part of the welcome wagon. When notified, they will record a welcome message to that new company, and they’ll have standard attachments that they offer. Like, one person can be responsible for attaching the best place to get a margarita, someone else can share three tips on where to park. And so on. Simple, quirky stuff that helps newcomers find their way. And I imagine there’s a company or two that would want to attach a discount. That’s cool too. 

What do you think? Who’s in? 

Matt - thanks for the call to action!! Does this fit your goals?

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