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Vthankyou Wrap Up

by Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Cofounder of Vsnap

On Veterans Day, we wrapped up our Vthankyou campaign. We spent about $30 to launch this effort to give people an easy way to express their support for veterans, and we estimate that it generated about 2 million impressions, mostly via Twitter. So many people shared such powerful feelings of gratitude and good will for veterans. You can see them at It’s our sincere hope that veterans find strength and support in these simple, unvarnished statements. 

Behind the scenes at Vsnap, we just rebuilt our web application on an open source platform, and Vthankyou was the first time it was used. We apologize for the bugs that some people experienced. We’ve got them resolved now — thanks to feedback from users like you — and we are adding mobile and tablet applications as we speak. January will see the launch of our beta, which will have a new UI and some additional features that many of you told us would be valuable. 

So, on behalf of America’s veterans, thanks for your support and participation in Vthankyou campaign. And on behalf of the team at Vsnap, thanks for helping us strengthen and refine our product. We’re working hard to bring you a tool that adds value in a variety of ways, and we’re psyched to have your support! 

PS - the Vthankyou campaign wound up acting as a kind of test run for groups that want to use Vsnap as a tool to capture and promote customer testimonials. We pulled together some learnings in a little case study, which you can read here

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Update: Temporary Vthankyou Makeover for Email Alerts

Hey Vsnap family! If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably heard about Vthankyou. If you haven’t, it’s our Veterans Day campaign running until Friday. For every vsnap sent of thanks to our veterans, $5 will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. With that in mind, we wanted to give you a head’s up that we’ve changed our vsnap notification emails to reflect the language in the picture above. We believe that this email will add extra oomph to the campaign and encourage email recipients to send their own vsnaps of thanks to our veterans. After Friday, the notification emails will change back to: 

If you have any questions, please get in touch via Twitter, email, or AIM VsnapTrish. 

Thanks again for all the support and happy vsnapping!

-Trish Fontanilla, Community Manager at Vsnap

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Painful But Good

by Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Cofounder of Vsnap 

We spent the last month rebuilding our site on Grails and we’re super excited about all that Grails allows us to do. We went live with it Monday night in order to enable the Vthankyou campaign to support veterans. (If you don’t know what that is, check out the short video on our home page). There was some nice press about Vthankyou in The Boston Globe, and lots of friends new and old agreed to help us promote this unique opportunity for people to post short messages of gratitude and good will for America’s veterans. That effort kicked off yesterday.

But as people started coming to our site to record their video messages, it didn’t work so great. 

In some cases, the video recording was out of sync with the audio, and in other cases the audio was super scratchy. Sometimes this can happen because the person recording is on an over-crowded network. It’s a bandwidth issue. But it appeared to be not just a bandwidth issue yesterday. It was a bug.

And it wasn’t the only bug. We had some others around registering as well.

It’s painful when you put something out to the public and it doesn’t work perfectly. But you know what? It’s the right thing to do. Bugs get sniffed out faster and our users help us figure out the fixes. 

I’m proud of the fact that we went hard at an aggressive development goal and that we “shipped” when we said we would — and that we did it to support a noble cause. Now we’re working hard at the fixes and those will be in place in no time at all. Thanks to our development team and to all our users and to all the supporters of the Vthankyou campaign for your passion for this cause and for your patience as we work out the kinks in the new site. There’s a whole lot more coming at you in the next few weeks. We think you’re going to like what you see, and today was a huge step toward all that! 

See you soon…

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Important and Simple: Vthankyou

The Vsnap team is marching toward our beta launch in mid-November. But first, we want to invite you to be involved in something that’s important and simple. We call it Vthankyou, and the various partners involved are listed at

It’s important that we as individuals say thank you to our veterans for their service and their sacrifice. They should have a way to feel our gratitude.

It’s simple for anyone with a webcam to easily record a 60-second video message via Or it will be starting November 1. Also, our service allows you to attach a file that makes it more personal. Maybe a photo of your brother who served, or a link to a poem or a song that really captures how you feel.  

We’ll post all the vsnaps to the Vthankyou twitter feed, to let our veterans feel the full effect – thousands of personal statements of support and gratitude and good will.

We’ll also line up corporate donations, so that every vsnap sent will trigger a $1 donation to the Wounded Warrior Project. We have an initial $5,000 donation and we welcome more sponsors. 

This is going to be an 11-day campaign from November 1 through Veterans Day. So what can you do right now?

  • Follow Vthankyou on Twitter so we can let you know when you can record your vsnap. 
  • Like Vsnap on Facebook for the same reason.   
  • If you’re not on either of those platforms, email us at info (at) vsnap (dot) com, we’ll let you know when we’re live. 
  • If you want to make a matching donation to incentivize even more vsnaps to our veterans, awesome! Just email us your pledge and we’ll tell you when that many vsnaps get sent, at which point you can make your donation directly to the Wounded Warrior Project. They get 100% of the funds.


There’s lots of debate about what the best course of action is for our country. But there should be no debate about honoring our veterans by expressing our feelings of gratitude in a direct way. Vthankyou is about speaking respectfully and gratefully to people who serve. They deserve that.

Help us spread the word and share this link! 

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