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The Perfect Vsnap: Emotional Events (Part 3 of 3)

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder at Vsnap

This is the third and final installment in a series of posts on how to create the perfect vsnap. The first can be found here and the second can be found here.

We have seen that some vsnaps create what we would have to call an astounding level of emotion and delight for the recipient. This post is intended to offer insight into how you can create that kind of message, and that kind of reaction.

Let’s say that most vsnaps that capture a belief and meet the standard of being authentically personal rank between 7 and 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. The vsnaps this post is about rank 100. They require a new scale. In terms of emotional impact, we’re talking about a different order of magnitude.

This is important to understand, because that kind of gushing delight is like the fuel they use in rocket ships. It’s the thing you need to escape the atmosphere. Every business wants to create that level of feeling among its customers and partners and employees. 

So we gave this a lot of thought and here is what we came to believe. That creating vsnaps of this kind of impact is not entirely in your control. It has to do with the emotion of the recipient prior to receiving the vsnap. In other words, the vsnaps that we’ve seen create the most overwhelming response are those that reach the recipient at the time of an emotional event. She has just launched a company. He has just received a promotion. She just made a big purchase. He attended a high school reunion. She just got engaged. Etc. These are events that affect that person’s identity. Their sense of self.

Note that while businesses can’t always create that state of emotion that makes for a game-changing reaction, they can identify indicators and watch for them – then send vsnaps when those moments present themselves.

Examples of indicators are purchases that connect with obvious emotional events. What does a woman who just got engaged do? She registers for her bridal shower. What about the status updates that come from our online social networks? Our birthdays, broadcast by Facebook, are emotional. Job promotions, shared on LinkedIn, they represent emotional events. The tweets of candidates we are trying to recruit can tell us when they are experiencing something special or scary or awesome. This is when your vsnap can really just blow someone away.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the most effective vsnaps you’ve sent, and what you think made them work. Feel free to tweet us or comment below. 

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Vthankyou Wrap Up

by Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Cofounder of Vsnap

On Veterans Day, we wrapped up our Vthankyou campaign. We spent about $30 to launch this effort to give people an easy way to express their support for veterans, and we estimate that it generated about 2 million impressions, mostly via Twitter. So many people shared such powerful feelings of gratitude and good will for veterans. You can see them at It’s our sincere hope that veterans find strength and support in these simple, unvarnished statements. 

Behind the scenes at Vsnap, we just rebuilt our web application on an open source platform, and Vthankyou was the first time it was used. We apologize for the bugs that some people experienced. We’ve got them resolved now — thanks to feedback from users like you — and we are adding mobile and tablet applications as we speak. January will see the launch of our beta, which will have a new UI and some additional features that many of you told us would be valuable. 

So, on behalf of America’s veterans, thanks for your support and participation in Vthankyou campaign. And on behalf of the team at Vsnap, thanks for helping us strengthen and refine our product. We’re working hard to bring you a tool that adds value in a variety of ways, and we’re psyched to have your support! 

PS - the Vthankyou campaign wound up acting as a kind of test run for groups that want to use Vsnap as a tool to capture and promote customer testimonials. We pulled together some learnings in a little case study, which you can read here

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Vsnaps From Last Night: DB Tech Prom

by Trish Fontanilla, Community Manager at Vsnap

The team has been working hard between the upcoming Vthankyou campaign and our beta release in November, but we definitely know how important it is to have some fun. Last night we set up shop at the Dave Balter Tech Prom, “your second chance at the prom of a lifetime”. Dave McLaughlin (my boss/CEO of Vsnap) had a very important meeting pop up, so unfortunately he had to give up his ticket. I felt kinda bad that he was missing out on the fun, so I thought the team should send him a “wish you were here” vsnap. Well, that snowballed into us (Claudia, Joe, and myself) getting about 45 prom-goers to make about 30 vsnaps for Dave. 

Melinda Green (Inphantry) and Ethan Bagley showed off their silly side.

Tess Gallagher beatboxed while Mike Stone (Abroad101) dropped a ridiculous rap. He was going so fast I couldn’t even get a screencap (rhyming is contagious).

DJ and UX extraordinaire Tom Boates (Runkeeper) wished Dave a great meeting and vowed to perform Thriller in its entirety in front of a large audience.

The lovely Rebecca Corliss (HubSpot) tried to talk about how Dave was missing an awesome prom, but I think she was just too stoked about winning prom queen and that sweet Gemvara ring.

Even my new date, Valentino, donned a Vsnap bowtie I made and expressed his sadness that Dave couldn’t make it. 

I’m sure Dave was psyched to have his inbox hit with all these digital postcards from prom last night and I’m glad folks had a really good time making them. Shout outs and thank yous to Dave Balter, Mike Troiano, Sarah Hodges, Cort Johnson, and Jennifer Lum for putting together such an amazing event. The Fairmont Copley Hotel was a great space and from the sunglasses (thanks GSN) to the food to the corsages (thanks WayFair), DB Tech Prom totally beat my high school prom to a pulp. 

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