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by Jane Ottensmeyer, Intern at Vsnap

It’s Boston Fashion Week. That means local designers, fashionistas and style writers have emerged in full force to prove that we’re not the worst dressed city in America. This week, as city dwellers feel pressure to up their game, they turn to friends for fashion advice. But how can you do that when you live alone? Or when your roommates or family members aren’t home? How ‘bout a vsnap!

Last weekend, my friend Anna was getting ready for a first date. Alone in her apartment, she called me, described what she was wearing and asked my opinion. I told her it sounded perfect. In reality, I had no idea. But in this age of abundant technology she didn’t have to settle for sounding perfect. So, instead, she sent me a vsnap.
“I just turned on the camera and strutted my stuff,” Anna commented. When I asked how she liked Vsnap she said, “It was perfect! In my quick video I did a 360, you got the feel for my outfit, and I could quickly ask, ‘these shoes or those shoes?”
On the receiving end, I loved it. I got to help a friend when she needed a quick opinion. So ladies and gentlemen, next time you’re in a fashion bind, skip the Myspace-style photo and send a vsnap*!

* The test site is now closed and the team is back to work using everyone’s awesome insights to build our new site. In the meantime, visit to reserve your username! 

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