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Update: Dropping Support for Firefox 3.6

Hey hey vsnappers, 

Another update for your week. As of April 24th, Mozilla (makers of the browser Firefox) will be dropping support for Firefox 3.6. Because of this, we will also be dropping support for that version on and will now be supporting Firefox 8.0 and higher. 

You can read more about it on the Mozilla blog: Upcoming Firefox Support Changes

If you need to update, which we recommend you do since you may experience issues with and you’ll miss out on some security updates on your browsers, here’s a link to do so:

And to make sure your computer is in tip top Vsnap shape, make sure your Adobe Flash Player is updated as well:

If you have any questions, let us know! 

Happy vsnapping, 

Trish Fontanilla, Community Manager at Vsnap

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