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Illusions of Grander (than it actually is)

by Jane Ottensmeyer, Intern at Vsnap

Anyone that has ever searched for an apartment on Craigslist knows that photos lie. You fall in love with a big, beautiful kitchen. When you visit, it’s so narrow that the fridge doesn’t open all of the way, and the oven is actually in the living room. Clearly, still photos don’t provide a good indication of space. It doesn’t help that realtors are masters of room-expanding deception. A quick vsnap, though, would show you what you’re really getting.
Recently, my roommate, Katherine, was emailing photos of our new apartment to friends. One wrote back: “I like that big room. With all the sunlight. Can it be my bedroom when I come visit?”

We had no idea what she was talking about. Mostly because not a single room in our apartment could be described as “big”. It turned out she was referring to a small sunroom that barely fits a two-person table. Katherine responded: “Sure, you can stay there, but you’ll have to cut a twin mattress in half.” Then she sent a vsnap.

The vsnap proved to be much more effective for showing the true size. “Kendra called me. She was laughing. But I looked back at the picture and I see how she could think the room was big.”

Would she send one again? “Absolutely. It would be good if you had a room you wanted to sublet. You could use Vsnap to send videos out to whoever emailed you on Craigslist. Then you wouldn’t be wasting your time having a ton of people visit who aren’t interested”. Vsnappers, have you sent a video to tackle space-related issues? We’d love to hear your stories!

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