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What Sales VPs Need to Know About HubSpot’s New CRM

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO at Vsnap


Last week, HubSpot Co-founders Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan teamed up to deliver a joint keynote at INBOUND14. Dharmesh introduced important new features for Inbound Marketers, then Brian took the stage and proceeded to connect three dots.

Dot One = the buying process has radically changed.

Dot Two = that has profoundly changed the profile and process for a successful sales rep.

Dot Three = the sales platform has to radically change to reflect all that.

Dot One, we all know. And Dot Two, we all should know.

Dot Three is new — because here’s it’s all about HubSpot’s specific vision for a forward-looking sales platform.

You can watch the entire keynote here, but if you just want to see the Sales piece, Brian takes the stage at about 55 minutes in. At about 1:05, he walks us through Sidekick, which is an update / improvement on the Signals product that HubSpot introduced at INBOUND13. Then he unveils HubSpot’s CRM at about 1:15 on the time counter.

I’m VERY excited about this product and I’m going to bullet a bunch of things that interest me here. If you want more context, jump to the video — it’s worth watching.

Problem Statement

Brian’s argument is this: CRM gives the Sales VP a killer app for tracking sales, but does not give the Sales Rep a killer app for making sales. For reps, CRM usage feels like a tax they have to pay. Often that means inconsistent usage, which undermines the value for the VP.

Solution (High-level)

HubSpot CRM was built to address three specific CRM shortcomings so that it really works for your reps. First, it helps in prospecting. Second, it pushes context to the rep, so she doesn’t need to do lots of research projects to find more information about a given buyer. Third, it does a lot of the time-consuming data entry work.

Pricing / Caveat

HubSpot CRM will be offered as a freemium product, as will Sidekick. In the deep dive after the keynote, I asked about pricing once a user exceeds the number of contacts allowed with the free license, but they didn’t have a real pricing model fully developed yet.

That ought to serve as a reminder that, while HubSpot CRM already is a robust product, it’s also an early product and it still lacks some features that many users will consider critical. Like Outlook integration. But obviously that’ll come.

What about

HubSpot’s sales team uses and, at least for now, they are not switching. This goes with the previous point — HubSpot CRM is still early and there’s more functionality still to be added.

Halligan was careful to position HubSpot CRM as something they’ve built for the big chunk of their user base that are not already SFDC customers. He did not advocate for people who are using SFDC to jump ship and come over to HubSpot.

Obviously it’ll be interesting to see how this position shifts over time — and even just interesting to see what new announcements Marc Benioff makes at Dreamforce in a few weeks. So we’ll leave this point with a dot dot dot for now…

Our View

At Vsnap, we know of too many people who blur the line between Marketing and Sales. This is a problem because successful Marketing operates on loop between data and content, while successful Sales operates on a loop between data and relationship. Thus, when you apply a Marketing playbook in Sales, your close rate drops because you’re not putting enough resources around relationship building. Our view is that Halligan — one of the most important Marketing executives in America — has now said exactly what we believe: that the two domains are different, and that they run on different belief systems and require different tools.


Personal Sales

I’ve been teasing out a framework I call Personal Sales. It’s very simple really. My view is that you need both information and emotion to be successful in sales, and you need to fuse the two not only in your efforts to move buyers, but also in how you prepare, train and motivate your team to be successful.

Here’s a slide from my talk at HubSpot which illustrates this new framework.


With its focus on pushing data to the seller to provide context so she can better present her proposition in relation to the buyer’s needs, HubSpot CRM really looks like a perfect platform for Personal Sales. For us, that’s very exciting — and we are eager to build a Vsnap app to sit on top of it. This will let users combine the benefit of highly contextualized understanding with a message format that actually conveys tone and trust — all within a structured framework for workflows and record keeping!

In terms of timing on that, we have a brand new product coming out in October, and our CRM integrations will follow that release.

More Resources

For more on what we see as the critical distinction between Marketing and Sales, check out our free eBook Tools and Tactics to Close More SQLs.

For more on HubSpot CRM, check out the Sales Lion’s Massive Review — it has a deeper dive than I’ve done here, and it even includes tutorials.

Or you can go directly to the source, and visit

Dave McLaughlin is CEO & Co-Founder of Vsnap. Sales reps who have no facetime with their buyers use Vsnap to send short, individual video messages. It’s the most efficient way to bring the human layer into buyer interactions, and it increases your close rate by as much as 34%.

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How iOS8 Can Help Small Businesses Grow Revenues

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO at Vsnap


Today Apple is releasing its iOS8 software – and it includes a feature that is proven to grow revenues. This is a great opportunity for small businesses.

What’s that feature? Video messaging. It’s now baked right into iMessage for Apple’s new operating system.

We recently published powerful client data on the impact that video messaging has in sales.

Our client Penn Foster, an online education company, achieved a 34% increase in their close rate, by sending short, individual video messages to students who were engaged but were unsure whether or not they wanted to enroll. This was on a data set of nearly two thousand prospective customers. You can download the full report here for free.

Now, Apple is giving this same core ability to all iPhone users – for free. You can read about it here.

iPhone and iPad users can send a video message almost the same way as they would send a text or a photo. In iMessage, you touch an on-screen button to engage the front-facing camera, then record a quick message that gets delivered right to the recipient’s device.

When would you do this?

Look at how people buy in today’s world. There’s a period of time when the buyer is doing her own research on your product. She hasn’t yet given you permission to get on her calendar for a live call. She isn’t ready for that yet. But she will watch a short, personal video message because, for her, it’s much more convenient than a live interaction. (On Vsnap, average view rates are about 50%, and many people have view rates in the 70% range).

Everybody who’s selling something needs efficient ways to create that human connection with buyers as a context for doing business together, and that’s exactly what a quick, personal video message does. (If you want to read more about how powerful non-verbal communication is, have a look at Honest Signals by MIT Professor Sandy Pentland). 

At Vsnap, we see Apple’s video messaging feature as awesome for some business users such as sole proprietors and small businesses, and we know that more structured sales organizations will want features like branding customization, tracking and analytics, flexibility around how the video message gets delivered, and integration options, where they can pair video messaging with their own specific calls to action. For those companies, Vsnap will be a more suitable tool. 

Whichever group you’re in, the most important thing is that you understand when to use a video message, rather than a call or an email.

After working with clients who’ve sent thousands of these messages, we have found that this kind of one-to-one video messaging is not for prospecting. Instead, think of it as an engagement accelerator. When a buyer engages with you – someone named Fred Smith downloads a white paper on your site, for example – immediately send Fred a video message.

“Hi Fred, I’m Nancy Jones at Company XYZ. I just want to say hello and say thanks for downloading our white paper. And I want to make sure you know I’m here to help if you have any questions or feedback for me. I’d love to learn more about your business, so let’s schedule a call when you’re ready for that. I have time open tomorrow and Thursday, or if you want to just try me, my direct line is 555-555-5555. I look forward to talking with you, Fred. Hope you have a great day.”

That simple statement puts a human context around the interaction. It makes Fred feel that you value his business, and that you’re oriented around him and his needs, and not around yourself and your needs. This is proven stuff. It accelerates the conversation and increases your close rate – and you can measure that.

For more details on how to do this, have a look at our report Revolutionizing Sales for Online Businesses. And let us know any questions you have. I’m easy to reach via email at or on Twitter @davemacboston. We have a ton of learning on this subject. We know exactly what works and what doesn’t – and we love to share it to help people grow their businesses! (We have six simple values at Vsnap, and one of them is “Only Help!”)

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[Guest post] How Video Helps Sales & Marketing Teams Attract, Engage & Convert

By Bonnie Gibson, Content Creator at RAMP


Today’s sales and marketing tactics are full of noise and clutter. As a sales or marketing professional, you might be wondering, “What does a lead need to be a customer?” or “What does the customer need to stay a customer?” or even both. The answer lies within Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs, the need for love and belonging. Successful businesses such as JetBlue and HubSpot know that creating a more human experience will allow their business to grow. Producing videos is a way to reach your audience and show the human side of your business. Let’s take a quick look at how video can help attract, engage, and convert your prospects and delight your current customers.

Attract – Your step to gaining trust

Think of this as a “getting to know you” stage. Sometimes that getting to know you phase can be overlooked and misunderstood. Even with the best of intentions, nothing drives me crazier than the use of caps and exclamation points. It reminds me of watching the monster truck commercials I’d see as a kid where the announcer is yelling, “SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!!” Video clarifies your messaging the way bold, italics, caps, and five exclamation marks simply can’t.

Examples of videos that attract:

·       Tips and tricks

·       Demos

·       Introductions

Engage – Being as human as possible

Purchases are based on need and emotion. The bigger the purchase, the higher the emotion. So it would make sense in any sales or marketing strategy to cater on the side of emotion to further build a relationship with your prospects. With a video, you can put a face behind the pitch and build trust and  relationship with your potential customer. This is what Vsnap is all about, sending short, personal messages showing a prospect or customer how much you appreciate their business.

Examples of videos that can engage:

·       Follow up’s

·       Thank you’s

Convert – Keep the cycle going

In marketing, we strive for conversions, and we do this by creating a call-to-action. If you’ve ever seen a “register here” or “download now” button, then you’ve seen a call to action. The call to action is the next step you want the customer to take. For a disengaged customer, you might want to send a quick video letting them know you care and what steps to take to keep them involved in a relationship with your customer. You might have a big renewal coming up for a current customer, using video to convey why you are excited about your company can help in getting the customer ready for that new contract.

Remember, it’s not about how big you or your business is, it’s about how your customer feels. When your customer feels the love, so does your business. In the “Age of the Human Era”, isn’t it time you sent them a video to show your appreciation? 

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Revised Release Date For Vsnap 2.0

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO at Vsnap

[Updated on 9/26]

We’ve decided to delay releasing our new product until October, to give ourselves extra time for testing and refinements on some of the key features. This is a completely rebuilt platform, both front and back ends. We’re really excited about how this product simplifies the process of creating vsnaps, making it easier for sales reps to send short video messages that build trust with their buyers. We’re also super excited about how the new product puts us on a path to iterate more rapidly than ever before. The coming year is going to be super exciting!

Remember that we are doing away with free Vsnap accounts. If you already know that you will not be signing up for a free trial of the new product, we want to remind you to log in now to download the vsnaps you’ve created (click here for a walkthrough) if you want to keep them as they will no longer be available once we roll out Vsnap 2.0.

What’s the new pricing exactly?

As of October, we will have just two products, called Team and Enterprise. These will be available as annual subscriptions only. We will not offer a month-to-month subscription.

Team Accounts

The Team account will cost $399 per user per year, for 1 to 25 users. Features include:

  • Management oversight features so that leaders can support their team members and measure their activity

  • Provide a branded experience, richer than in the current product, for the customers watching your vsnaps. Your brand, not Vsnap’s

  • Real-time view notifications when your customer watches that vsnap you sent

  • Dashboards for each account member and for the team as a whole

  • Ability to send as many vsnaps as you want, which we will store and host for 12 months

Enterprise Accounts

An Enterprise Account will be any account that has more than 25 members, or that adds on features that are not included in the Team account. Examples of additional features include our Send As feature, our integration (more info coming soon), and our APIs that give you greater customization and integration capabilities. Here’s a link to our Viewer API, and we’ll be adding another important API with the new product release.

Enterprise pricing is specific to a given customer. It will start with the $399 Team price as a base, then increases according to the additional features you feel you need.


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Thank You, Trish Fontanilla

by Dave McLaughlin, CEO of Vsnap

This post is a thank you to Trish Fontanilla, our Vice President of Community and Customer Experience. She will be moving on from Vsnap next month, and we’re really going to miss her energy and passion, which are truly extraordinary. 

Trish has not decided yet what is next for her, but my guess is she will be creating and nurturing online and offline communities at some awesome, values-based company, helping them nurture conversations and inspire amazing customer evangelism. 

But then again she might just decide to solve global warming or some other big, gnarly problem instead. Whatever she does, she’s going to be outstanding, and if anyone needs a reference, please get in touch with me at dave at Set aside some time for that call though, because the list of Trish’s Awesomeness is longer than you can imagine. 

At Vsnap, we’ve refined our focus through a series of iterations, as most startups do, and now we are about to launch a new product that is very targeted to people in sales. Given that focus, we have less of a call to invest in the kind of broader community efforts that we’ve been engaged in, and that Trish has been so great at leading. 

An example of this is the Customer Love series, which we started three years ago to bring together a cross-section of businesspeople who believe that making customers feel loved is the fastest and most enduring path to growth. We’ve held an annual Customer Love Summit on Valentine’s Day each year, and we’ve put together semi-regular meetups on this theme both in Boston and New York. It’s been fun and valuable, but given our refined business focus, the Customer Love movement is a little too broad for us to really invest in growing. 

I bring up Customer Love as an example, but it also brings me back to Trish. In our conversations, she talked about how important that community is to her — and we agreed that she should own the Customer Love brand after she leaves Vsnap. So I’m happy to share that she will continue to convene that conversation, and I hope that Vsnap can continue to be involved as a participant. 

I know people will be curious about our immediate hiring plans at Vsnap. The truth is I haven’t decided on that quite yet. I want to be very specific in terms of who we’re looking for, and I need to take a little time to do that. 

Trish was the first person I hired at Vsnap. She started as our Community Manager, and she just kept taking on more and more responsibility. Honestly, I never could’ve anticipated how influential she would be in our company. She’s just so good, and her voice has so much power, and her name carries so much cred. I’m deeply grateful to her. 

If you know Trish, I hope you’ll reach out and congratulate her on her many, many accomplishments here at Vsnap. And if you don’t know Trish, I encourage you tweet at her and say hello. She’ll change your life. 

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