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5 Salesforce Apps To Increase Your Productivity

By Guillaume Delloue, Director of Marketing at Vsnap

At this point almost everyone is familiar with the AppExchange — Salesforce’s version of the App Store. It’s a diverse marketplace with thousands of apps to enhance your activity. While some are designed to fix a specific shortcoming in the popular CRM, others offer completely new functionalities. Below are some of the best apps to turn you into the most digitally savvy salesperson in the room.

Get Rid Of Duplicates Once And For All

Duplicates are the bane of CRMs. They corrupt the data, screw up sales forecasts and waste valuable time. Enter DupeCatcher (AppExchange link). It automatically blocks and merges leads, accounts and contacts in real-time at the point-of-entry. And it’s totally free. Just say goodbye to busy-work.

Email Integration For Mac Users

The Outlook/SalesForce integration is famously robust. But what about Apple Mail users? That’s why Salesforce developed Maildrop (AppExchange link). It lets you create new cases and attach emails to contacts/leads right from your Mac mail service. Also completely free!

Get Instant Background Info On Your Leads

Think of InsideView (AppExchange link) as your own private James Bond. It generates detailed profiles on your leads by triangulating company data, contacts, social media, news and more. All the business intelligence you’ll ever need without any of the work. And unlike real spies, it’s free!

Be The Master Of The Funnel

The FREE Sales Funnel (AppExchange link) isn’t the most creative name for an app, but it’s one of the most useful. Designed specifically for VPs and managers, it visualizes your stage conversion rates so you can quickly identify drop-offs and coach team members.

Simplify The Signature Process

Even in the digital age signatures are still a must. DocuSign (AppExchange link) makes it easy for you to sign electronic documents anytime, anywhere, on any device. And if that wasn’t enough the app also claims to help sign 90% of contracts within the day.

Over to you vsnappers — are there other Salesforce apps you’d recommend? Feel free to leave us a comment!

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[AUDIO] Customer Love Summit - Audience Questions

By Trish Fontanilla, VP of Community & Customer Experience at Vsnap

We upped the audience participation at the Customer Love Summit this year by allowing some time focused on questions that our attendees submitted during the conference break. This audio clip features insights from Dave Wieneke (Digital Strategy Practice Director of ISITE Design), Bill Harris (VP, Sales at Vsnap), and Dave McLaughlin (moderator + CEO at Vsnap) talking about support within an organization, living out company values, and how to capture customer stories.

(This audio file is available on SoundCloud: click here)

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4 Ways Successful Sales Managers Start Q2

By Guillaume Delloue, Director of Marketing at Vsnap


This is it. The beginning of Q2. Only one question should be on your mind: Is your house in order? While most are still reeling from the previous quarter, successful sales managers hit the ground running. Here are four best practices sales pros follow to hit their numbers before beach season.

Affirm Executive Direction

When your teams are out in the trenches all day selling, it’s easy for your sales representatives to lose sight of the big idea. Start Q2 by regrouping with the C-suite and confirming the executive direction. Are there new markets you should be going after? Any competition you should be paying extra attention to or specific objectives you need to achieve? Take that information and bring your reps in a room to communicate the strategy.  

Reignite Relationships

Do a little spring cleaning and reach out to those leads you didn’t have time to get to. And don’t forget about those smaller accounts that may have been neglected either. Taken together they can add up to considerable revenue. Now’s also a good time to reach out to trusted connections in your network by sending them a personal note.

Experiment With A New Tool

Used correctly, SaaS products like CRMs, email tools (HubSpot Signal, Yesware), predictive analytics platforms (Lattice, Infer) and others (like Vsnap!) can significantly increase sales performance. Whether it’s by organizing your customer database, eliminating pains for your staff or shortening the sales cycle. If you’re already covered, third-party apps (like those found on the AppExchange in can also provide value.

Address Your ABCs & Energize Team Morale

Pore through the data from the previous quarter and assess your ABC’s — as Jack Welch put it. Reward your top 20% performers. Train and set thoughtful goals for the middle 70%. And unless there are extenuating circumstances, let go of the bottom 10%. Don’t forget to blow off some steam by treating your team to what they enjoy doing — going out for drinks or getting together for a game of pickup basketball. If a consensus is hard to reach, it’s fine to split into groups. The key is for the team to have fun without having to worry about business.

Did we miss anything? What are your Q2 rituals? Share them below!

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Recap: MassTLC Sales & Marketing Summit 2014

By Guillaume Delloue, Director of Marketing at Vsnap


Last Friday, the Vsnap team attended Mass TLC’s Sales & Marketing Summit. It was a busy morning, as we alternated between hosting our own table, interacting with guests, and listening to the speakers. Dave even got to pitch Vsnap in front of the whole crowd!

The main talk (“The Art and Science of Growth Hacking”) was delivered by Boston VC David Skok, along with commentaries by Brian Balfour (VP of Growth at HubSpot), Damian Roskill (VP of Marketing, uTest), Michael Yaffe (VP of Marketing, Beyond Trust) and Justine Jordan (Marketing Director, Litmus). It was a wonderful presentation — serving both as a primer to the concept of growth hacking and a more detailed conversation on how to quickly iterate your product for maximum growth. Here are 4 of my takeaways from the morning. 

Deliver WOW! As Quickly As Possible

As anyone working on a SaaS product will tell you, the most difficult challenge is getting users to make a purchase after the trial period is over. According to David, the best way to get there is by delivering WOW! As he said in the blog post that inspired his talk, “Wow! is the moment in a free trial where your buyer suddenly sees the benefit they get from using your product, and says to themselves ‘WOW! This is great!” Getting to that WOW! moment is never easy. But it’s necessary if you want to succeed. And growth hacking is one of the most effective ways to get there.


Focus On Flow And Conversion

According to David, growth hacking hinges on two metrics: flow and conversion. Flow is the number of users at a given stage of the product/sales funnel. Conversion rates refer to the percentage of users who advance to the next stage of the funnel. The goal is to constantly fill the top of the funnel with quality leads, convert them into paying users and keep them returning. (Bonus if you can empower your biggest fans to easily refer the product to others.) This is accomplished by identifying where users drop off, understanding why and testing various solutions (i.e. hacks) until they reach that WOW! moment.

Diagram The Funnel And Showcase It To Your Team

Given how critical a well-optimized funnel is to your team’s success, David recommends showcasing it prominently on a wall for your whole organization to see. It will ensure your team is on the same page and help foster creative thinking around any of the blockage points. Great ideas can come from anywhere!

Content Is Still King But The Rules Are Evolving

The latter part of the event was a workshop session led by Alan Belniak (Content Expert) and Jonathan Burg (Director of Demand Generation, Apperian) about crafting a content strategy to align with the B2B funnel. The exercise focused on defining customer pain points, how to recycle content strategically and how to diversify your outbound channels. Jonathan also reminded the crowd that the successful implementation of a SaaS product involves a lot more than just its users. That’s why it might be important to consider IT personnel, customer service folks, C-Suites and others as part of your content strategy.

Overall it was a productive session with insights for marketers, sales folks and product people alike — never an easy feat! If you’re hungry for more, scroll through the Storify below to see what everyone was tweeting about during the event.

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Feature: Email Notifications for Viewed Vsnaps

Hey Vsnappers! 

I wanted to write a quick post on a feature that we released last night. You can now receive email notifications when someone first watches your vsnap! Previously, you had to log into our site to check whether or not someone’s watched a vsnap.

To check it out you log into your account on, then go to your Account page - - you’ll see two options under Email Notification Settings (as pictured above). 

The email notification you receive will show the person’s email, as well as the title of the vsnap you sent them. A link to the report will also be attached so you can see further information on whether or not they marked your vsnap with Helpful/Thoughtful/Amazing, as well as if they downloaded any attachments you may have added. 

This feature is available to all plans (Free > Platinum) and will be one of the last new features we add to our current site. If you haven’t heard, we’ve got a lot of amazing things going on here at Vsnap, including a whole new website and logo that’ll be released this summer! 

Of course if you have any questions, please let me know via vsnap/email:

Happy vsnapping!

Trish Fontanilla
VP of Community & Customer Experience

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