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Meet Vsnap’s new VP of Product & Technology

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder at Vsnap

Hey Vsnappers — great news! — we have a new team member to introduce. Remember in November we put up a post that we were looking for an amazing engineer to head up engineering? 

Well, we found him. Chris Swenor is now our new VP of Product & Technology. He joined the team this month, in charge of everything related to the Vsnap product and how it works. Chris brings a level of technical leadership that is making us a stronger company — and making our product more powerful for all of you! 

A big part of Chris’s responsibility is to now bring on a couple more awesome engineers to round out the team. Right now we are looking for a Junior Developer with a huge passion for learning — someone who won’t stop at “It’s never been done before.” This is an amazing opportunity to work with the hottest technologies, and with mentors who thrive on making other people better. If you want to chat with us about these roles, send us an email at

It’s essential that you are aligned with our values. You can check them out right here. And if you’re thinking you want to launch your own company at some point — well, awesome! Check out our 5% Founder’s Promise. We want to hear from driven, curious, ambitious developers — and we absolutely take the long view on relationships!

Finally I want to say very sincere thanks to all of you for sharing our last hiring post and helping us talk to so many fantastic candidates. Special thanks to our friend Joe Nigro for inviting me over to Lucky’s Lounge to meet his buddy Chris.

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Vsnap Integrates with

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder at Vsnap


We’ve written our first app, which is being beta tested now. The purpose of this post is to share a little more detail, and to invite more sales teams to participate in the beta testing.

Our goals for this integration were to put quick, personal video messaging right into sales teams’ existing workflow, and to make it easier for you to track how using Vsnap impacts your Sales outcomes.

This initial integration is for companies that use the Enterprise or Unlimited versions of When you install the app, it puts a “Send a Vsnap” button into your Salesforce interface. The idea is that once you define when your team will send video messages, we want it to be easy for them to take that action.

Using the “Send a Vsnap” button opens your Vsnap recorder in a new browser window. We pre-populate the recipient email address, and we automatically store a copy of the vsnap url in the appropriate record on Salesforce. This allows anyone looking at that record to see the actual video message that was sent.

We intend to build on this initial app going forward. For example, we envision giving you the option to put more data back into the customer record, giving you even more measurability.

There are other opportunities too, which is why we’re excited to have lots of input from great teams – like yours! If you’d like your team to be part of the beta testing, please just email me at And if you don’t have a Vsnap premium account yet, no problem – we’ll just assign this feature to you on a trial basis. It’ll be a nice chance for us to work together and get to know each other.

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Sales Lessons From Professional Sports

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder at Vsnap

Sales and sports have a couple of big things in common. They’re both intensely competitive. And everyone knows who the winner is.

Great athletes competing in high-stakes games reminds us that winning (or losing) is often decided by very small differences in performance, especially at key moments.

The same is true in business.

A few months back I was invited to speak about innovative business tactics at the annual Partner Summit for Roush Fenway Racing. The engagement began with dinner at a steakhouse, with a couple hundred folks from Roush Fenway and their sponsor companies.

I was seated next to one of the drivers, a super nice guy named Travis Pastrana, who just this year transitioned to Nascar from other racing formats. I was curious about that transition and about his his early impressions of racing Nascar, and he was very gracious in sharing some of his insights. There are two things he said that really stuck out for me.

First, he told me about a recent race where he had finished 17th. But in that race, he finished less than 2 seconds behind the winner.

Think about that. Seventeen cars finish within a second-and-a-half of each other after all those laps of the track. Talk about tiny differences in performance defining who wins and who loses.

And here’s the other thing that Travis really emphasized to me:

There are only two turns on the track.

In other words, a driver has very few opportunities – the turns – to gain a fraction of a second. So those opportunities are precious – they are the difference in the final outcome. The turns determine who wins and who loses.

In Sales, interactions with your prospect are the equivalent of those two turns in a Nascar race. They are precious opportunities to claim an edge and to set up a win.  

You can execute these interactions perfunctorily and maintain your standing among a pack of competitors. Or you can do a little something extra and make the most of these precious opportunities that customers allow us, where we get the privilege of interacting with them directly. Whatever you choose, these moments will be the difference between victory and defeat over the life of the competition.

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6 Values We’re Committed To At Vsnap

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder at Vsnap

In startups, it’s important to stop and reflect on why we do what we do. This is because life in early-stage companies is fast-moving and sometimes unpredictable. It’s super clarifying for people on the team, and for people who may join the team, to know exactly what principles define and drive that company. So here’s a short video about the six values we are committed to here at Vsnap. 

I welcome people’s comments! 

The 6 Values We’re Committed To At Vsnap from Vsnap Inc on Vimeo.

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Early Adopter Pricing Expires This Week

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder at Vsnap


First off, I wanted to say thank you to our Vsnappers for all the great feedback on our Premium Subscriptions. This post is a reminder that our Early Adopter pricing expires this week. You have until the end of day Thursday, August 15th, to take advantage of the special rate.

Going forward, our Business Plus plan – which is suitable for small companies and for teams within larger companies – will be priced at $15/month/user for unlimited use, based on an annual plan. That translates to $180/year per user.

Early Adopter pricing is a 33% discount. So Early Adopters pay an annual rate of $120/user.

The awesome thing about the Early Adopter pricing is that any users you add during the first 12 months will be added at the same rate. In other words, you lock in the more favorable price even for users you haven’t added yet.

Early Adopter pricing is only available on annual Business Plus subscriptions.

Free Premium Trial Available (no credit card required)

We’ve added a button for you to be able to set up a free trial of our premium features on your own. When you sign on to your Vsnap account, you will see that on the right side of your screen on your main feed. You’ll be able to customize your email notifications, add your logo to the video player, see analytics for your team, drill into individual account members’ activity, and more. You can also set up our Send As feature, so that your members email notifications come from their email address, rather than from

I’m happy to extend the Early Adopter pricing for anyone who starts a free Premium trial before Friday. In other words, if you think you might want to buy an account, then go ahead and set up the free premium trial. And if you decide to upgrade, let us know and we’ll give you a coupon code so you can still get the special pricing. That’s for this week only.

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