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New Pricing for Vsnap’s September Release

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO at Vsnap

(New Vsnap logo created by our designer Kate Lindsay!)

We announced last week that Vsnap will be launching a new product on September 1st and that we will be discontinuing our free service. We’ve been getting a lot of questions around the new product, so we’ve pulled together some of the frequently asked questions around pricing.

Why change your current pricing? 
We did not include pricing information in that announcement because we thought that without seeing the new product, any pricing information would feel more or less arbitrary. But we are happy to share more info.

Our new pricing is based on the fact that teams that have committed to learning how to use Vsnap and to measuring their usage are capturing major value, including big revenue increases. For those teams, Vsnap will pay for itself very quickly. And we will be actively investing in the product to increase that ROI even more.

So we’re re-setting the price points to reflect the impact to revenue that our most active clients are capturing by using Vsnap. For example, one of our clients recently shared with us that they closed 34% more of their sales-qualified leads when they used Vsnap to follow up on their inside sales phone calls. For them, that represents $3M in new annual revenue. (See the bottom of this post for more detail on this case study.)

What’s the new pricing exactly?

As of September, we will have just two products, called Team and Enterprise. These will be available as annual subscriptions only. We will not offer a month-to-month subscription.

Team Accounts

The Team account will cost $299 per user per year. It will have from one to 25 users. The features include the following:

  • Management oversight features so that leaders can support their team members and measure their activity

  • Provide a branded experience, richer than in the current product, for the customers watching your vsnaps. Your brand, not Vsnap’s

  • Real-time view notifications when your customer watches that vsnap you sent

  • Dashboards for each account member and for the team as a whole

  • Ability to send as many vsnaps as you want, which we will store and host for 12 months

Enterprise Accounts

An Enterprise Account will be any account that has more than 25 members, or that adds on features that are not included in the Team account. Examples of additional features include our Send As feature, our integration (more info coming soon), and our APIs that give you greater customization and integration capabilities. Here’s a link to our Viewer API, and we’ll be adding another important API with the new product release.

Enterprise pricing is specific to a given customer. It will start with the $299 Team price as a base, then increases according to the additional features you feel you need.

Tell me more about the trial that everyone will be auto-enrolled in as of September 1st.
All new signups will be given a 14-day free trial so they can try out Vsnap for themselves. No credit card will be required for the trial. All existing Free Vsnap account holders will be transferred into a free 14-day trial when the new product launches, unless you ask us to shut down your account prior to that.

Can we get a sneak preview of the site?
We’ll be sharing more details on the new site as the launch day gets closer. Stay tuned to the blog for some sneak peeks of what it’ll look like and other features.

Where can I read more about the company that used Vsnap to close 34% more of its sales-qualified leads?
There’s a good description of the use case in this free e-book, Tools & Tactics to Close More SQLs. For August, we’ll be providing a more detailed write-up with a broader summary of the benefits that company captured.  

If you have any other questions about the new pricing or want to share some feedback, please feel free to contact us at and one of the team will get back to you ASAP. We’ll also be sending a few more updates in the coming months, so stay tuned to your email as well.

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Three Big Benefits of Vsnap’s New Viewer API

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder at Vsnap


How we feel determines what we do. This is true in our personal lives. And it’s true in business.

Customer emotion accelerates sales velocity, and it inspires evangelism. It’s what lies behind every single referral and retweet you’ve ever received. 

Vsnap’s new Viewer API is an entirely new tool for people in Sales and Support who want to engage their customers emotionally. There’s a quick overview below. But first, for the newcomers…

What is Vsnap?

If you’re in a customer-facing role but you don’t have any face-to-face interaction with your customer, then you use Vsnap to send that person a quick, one-to-one video message.

It’s the easiest and most efficient way to establish a personal connection with a remote customer as a context for doing business together. Now, our new Viewer API makes all this better. It provides three big benefits…

Benefit #1 = Full Branding Customization

Prior to now, when you vsnap a customer, she watches that message at a URL, in the context of Vsnap’s logo, etc. In short, vsnapping has been a Vsnap experience, not a YourCompany experience.

But our new Viewer API lets you completely tailor your customer’s experience. Your customer will receive a customized notification from your email address that brings her to a page on your website, and we’ll dynamically stream the vsnap you’ve made for her right into this view page. 

There’s nothing else like this. A personal video speaking directly to a single customer — talk about making someone feel important! — watchable at the customer’s convenience, in the context of your brand assets.

Here’s an example of a vsnap being sent without our API, and here’s the same vsnap when the sender has implemented the API.

Benefit #2 = Action Focus

In the example above, notice that Nineteenth Amendment’s developer has chosen to make the video larger. Also, notice that they’ve removed the reply functionality. Those simple details illustrate an important point — that everything on the view page is now in your control.

With the Viewer API, you are free to use or not use any of the current Vsnap elements. The title, the attachments, the description, the sentiment buttons, the reply and forward buttons, etc.

And you are free to introduce whatever calls to action you want that customer to take. Remember, Vsnap drives customer action 41% more than email outreach. Now you can choose what actions you want them to take when they finish watching your vsnap.

Here are examples of how some clients are using this flexibility.

  • Inside Sales team - Looking to drive demo calls, putting a “Schedule Demo” button right next to each vsnap.

  • Consumer Apparel company - Sending vsnaps to engage influencers, presenting two clear calls to action: “Purchase” and “Promote”.  

  • Online Education - Using Vsnap to increase enrollment by as much as 70%, presenting vsnap recipients a “Register Now” button.

  • Net Promoter - An online services company sends a vsnap to each client to ask them to complete the Net Promoter question, pairing the video with the ability for the customer to replay 1 to 10 right in the same interface.

  • Increase EngagementAn insurance company vsnaps clients on their birthdays, gives them a “Schedule a Call” button — using this “surprise & delight” tactic to uncover upsell opportunities.

Benefit #3 = Measure What You Want How You Want

Because it’s your view page, you can define any events that you deem important. And you can track them in whatever analytics tool or CRM you’re already using. So now you can run reports on the impact of your vsnapping — and you can connect those events to other items in your workflow.


We love businesses that believe making customers feel loved is the fastest path to growth, and that are brand-sensitive and measurement-obsessed. That’s who we built this new Viewer API for.

Prior to the launch of our new site later this summer, the only way to get your hands on this API is by contacting us — just email me at If you have questions, feel free to email them, or post them in the comments below! 


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Meet Vsnap’s new VP of Product & Technology

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder at Vsnap

Hey Vsnappers — great news! — we have a new team member to introduce. Remember in November we put up a post that we were looking for an amazing engineer to head up engineering? 

Well, we found him. Chris Swenor is now our new VP of Product & Technology. He joined the team this month, in charge of everything related to the Vsnap product and how it works. Chris brings a level of technical leadership that is making us a stronger company — and making our product more powerful for all of you! 

A big part of Chris’s responsibility is to now bring on a couple more awesome engineers to round out the team. Right now we are looking for a Junior Developer with a huge passion for learning — someone who won’t stop at “It’s never been done before.” This is an amazing opportunity to work with the hottest technologies, and with mentors who thrive on making other people better. If you want to chat with us about these roles, send us an email at

It’s essential that you are aligned with our values. You can check them out right here. And if you’re thinking you want to launch your own company at some point — well, awesome! Check out our 5% Founder’s Promise. We want to hear from driven, curious, ambitious developers — and we absolutely take the long view on relationships!

Finally I want to say very sincere thanks to all of you for sharing our last hiring post and helping us talk to so many fantastic candidates. Special thanks to our friend Joe Nigro for inviting me over to Lucky’s Lounge to meet his buddy Chris.

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Vsnap Integrates with

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder at Vsnap


We’ve written our first app, which is being beta tested now. The purpose of this post is to share a little more detail, and to invite more sales teams to participate in the beta testing.

Our goals for this integration were to put quick, personal video messaging right into sales teams’ existing workflow, and to make it easier for you to track how using Vsnap impacts your Sales outcomes.

This initial integration is for companies that use the Enterprise or Unlimited versions of When you install the app, it puts a “Send a Vsnap” button into your Salesforce interface. The idea is that once you define when your team will send video messages, we want it to be easy for them to take that action.

Using the “Send a Vsnap” button opens your Vsnap recorder in a new browser window. We pre-populate the recipient email address, and we automatically store a copy of the vsnap url in the appropriate record on Salesforce. This allows anyone looking at that record to see the actual video message that was sent.

We intend to build on this initial app going forward. For example, we envision giving you the option to put more data back into the customer record, giving you even more measurability.

There are other opportunities too, which is why we’re excited to have lots of input from great teams – like yours! If you’d like your team to be part of the beta testing, please just email me at And if you don’t have a Vsnap premium account yet, no problem – we’ll just assign this feature to you on a trial basis. It’ll be a nice chance for us to work together and get to know each other.

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Sales Lessons From Professional Sports

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder at Vsnap

Sales and sports have a couple of big things in common. They’re both intensely competitive. And everyone knows who the winner is.

Great athletes competing in high-stakes games reminds us that winning (or losing) is often decided by very small differences in performance, especially at key moments.

The same is true in business.

A few months back I was invited to speak about innovative business tactics at the annual Partner Summit for Roush Fenway Racing. The engagement began with dinner at a steakhouse, with a couple hundred folks from Roush Fenway and their sponsor companies.

I was seated next to one of the drivers, a super nice guy named Travis Pastrana, who just this year transitioned to Nascar from other racing formats. I was curious about that transition and about his his early impressions of racing Nascar, and he was very gracious in sharing some of his insights. There are two things he said that really stuck out for me.

First, he told me about a recent race where he had finished 17th. But in that race, he finished less than 2 seconds behind the winner.

Think about that. Seventeen cars finish within a second-and-a-half of each other after all those laps of the track. Talk about tiny differences in performance defining who wins and who loses.

And here’s the other thing that Travis really emphasized to me:

There are only two turns on the track.

In other words, a driver has very few opportunities – the turns – to gain a fraction of a second. So those opportunities are precious – they are the difference in the final outcome. The turns determine who wins and who loses.

In Sales, interactions with your prospect are the equivalent of those two turns in a Nascar race. They are precious opportunities to claim an edge and to set up a win.  

You can execute these interactions perfunctorily and maintain your standing among a pack of competitors. Or you can do a little something extra and make the most of these precious opportunities that customers allow us, where we get the privilege of interacting with them directly. Whatever you choose, these moments will be the difference between victory and defeat over the life of the competition.

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