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Bill Harris Joins Vsnap as VP Sales

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder of Vsnap


Yesterday was a great day because Bill Harris joined Vsnap as our VP of Sales. Bill has been serving as an advisor for me on sales for over a year now, and it’s just fantastic to have him on the team full-time.

Vsnap’s clients are in Sales and Support. They’re customer-facing, and they need easy, measurable tools to make sure those customers feel cared for. Bill’s mission is to help them understand how to use one-to-one video messages to bring warmth into the customer interaction – and measurably grow business.

If you read our blog regularly, you know we have a set of six simple beliefs that guide everything we do. One of them says: “Only help. Never just add noise.” That mandate is essential to our vision of customer engagement. Only help. That’s what you get from Trish Fontanilla and from me. And that’s what you can expect from Bill. 

By way of background, Bill has helped lead sales teams at several great companies, most recently at NetProspex and OneSource. If you want to reach Bill, you can email (or vsnap him) at

And while we’re talking hiring, we are about to post a new position for another full-stack developer. If you want to solve hard problems as part of our quest to bring the human layer back into business, we want to hear from you. You can find me on Twitter (@davemacboston) or you can email me.

Editor’s note: We were just so excited about Bill joining the team, we started eating the pie (key lime) before we took the picture. 

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What Customer Love Means

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder at Vsnap 

On Valentine’s Day, we hosted our 2nd Annual Customer Love Summit. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing videos of the different talks. I want to kick this off as we did with the Summit, by sharing a few thoughts on what we mean when we talk about Customer Love – and why it matters so much to growth-focused businesses.

Simply stated, we believe that focusing on customer emotion is the fastest path to growth. It’s our experience that making customers feel valued and even loved increases customer acquisition, loyalty and referrals.

Also, it’s our belief that employees are happier and more productive at Customer Love companies than at companies that have a purely transactional view of the customer.

That’s the Why of Customer Love – why it is so important. What about the How? How do companies build Customer Love? What are the tools & tactics that help you create and nurture this all-important emotional connection?

Well, that’s what the Customer Love Summit and our semi-regular Customer Love Meetups are all about. They’re simply conversations among business people who share tangible tools and tactics that other Customer Love believers can test and implement. The Summit is structured, and our Meetups are informal. But both are an action-oriented dialogues, not academic ones. (BTW - to stay in the know, you can sign up for the mailing list and you’ll only be emailed when the meetups are scheduled.)

We think of the How in three buckets: values & culture, user experience, and interactions. Most companies can meaningfully deepen their connection with customers – and grow business – by making improvements in each of those areas. And often there’s low-hanging fruit where you can create impact without lots of additional cost. The Customer Love conversation is a living, breathing resource to help folks do just that.

Okay, enough of me talking about this. Can’t wait to start sharing some of the actual talks from the Summit. We’re really looking forward to your thoughts! And in the meantime, you can check out the tweets from the event by scrolling through the Storify below. 

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Meet Vsnap’s new VP of Product & Technology

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder at Vsnap

Hey Vsnappers — great news! — we have a new team member to introduce. Remember in November we put up a post that we were looking for an amazing engineer to head up engineering? 

Well, we found him. Chris Swenor is now our new VP of Product & Technology. He joined the team this month, in charge of everything related to the Vsnap product and how it works. Chris brings a level of technical leadership that is making us a stronger company — and making our product more powerful for all of you! 

A big part of Chris’s responsibility is to now bring on a couple more awesome engineers to round out the team. Right now we are looking for a Junior Developer with a huge passion for learning — someone who won’t stop at “It’s never been done before.” This is an amazing opportunity to work with the hottest technologies, and with mentors who thrive on making other people better. If you want to chat with us about these roles, send us an email at

It’s essential that you are aligned with our values. You can check them out right here. And if you’re thinking you want to launch your own company at some point — well, awesome! Check out our 5% Founder’s Promise. We want to hear from driven, curious, ambitious developers — and we absolutely take the long view on relationships!

Finally I want to say very sincere thanks to all of you for sharing our last hiring post and helping us talk to so many fantastic candidates. Special thanks to our friend Joe Nigro for inviting me over to Lucky’s Lounge to meet his buddy Chris.

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I’m Thankful for Your Vsnapness

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder at Vsnap

Thanksgiving is a huge day here at Vsnap, because Vsnapness is all about people.

What is Vsnapness? It’s a silly name for a simple concept that encompasses our team, our company, our culture, our product, and the community of people who use it. It’s the beliefs and values that all of those things are built on.  

Vsnapness is the attitude and behavior of making people feel special.

It’s kind of a self-filtering group, this Vsnap community. If you’re not a “put people first” kind of person, then it is very unlikely that you are taking the time to send anyone a one-to-one video message.

But since you’re reading our blog, I’m going to assume that you are one of us. And so, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to thank you. For your Vsnapness.

I also want to thank our team, and our clients, and our partners. I hope everyone has a chance to enjoy a good conversation and feel the warmth of family and friendship in the days and weeks ahead.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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We Are Looking for an Amazing Engineering Leader!

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder of Vsnap

Vsnap is a seed-funded startup approaching our A Round. We are looking for a high-energy, hands-on CTO / VP Engineering to take the lead on this fast-moving opportunity. 

This is a key position and will have strong equity participation. We need the kind of highly curious technology leader who is resourceful enough to solve any problem, creative enough to architect and code, and has the developer charm to recruit and inspire a high-impact team.

This is a critical hire for us — right now we’re six people, and we expect to triple in size in the next 12 months. We are in Boston, and that’s where this hire needs to be. We have strong momentum — we just closed our first six-figure deal with a Fortune 500 firm and I have a pipeline of similar opportunities. 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The last company I co-founded was acquired by PayPal — and I see a much bigger vision for Vsnap! 

If you don’t know Vsnap, here’s what we do: 

Vsnap makes it easy for people in Sales & Account Management to send and track quick one-to-one video messages. We believe that people in customer-facing roles need an easy tool to bring warmth and attentiveness into their customer interactions. That’s how you rise above the noise of today’s business environment. 

Our little video messages do this really well — in fact, when you vsnap your customers, they take action up to 41% more than when you email them. 

If you are interested in learning more, awesome! Please reach out to me directly. My email is, and of course I will respect the confidentiality of our conversation, whatever the outcome. I look forward to hearing your perspective on all the interesting, hard problems we need to solve! 

Extra points for people who actually vsnap me to introduce themselves. Your perspective is worth a whole lot more if you’ve actually tried our product in its current state. 

Also, I announced yesterday my 5% Founder’s Promise: I committed myself to setting aside a portion of my own future earnings from Vsnap specifically to invest in startups founded by people who have worked for Vsnap. So if you’re looking for a next role that’s a stepping stone to starting your own company, this could be a great fit for you. I am in love with anything that helps me empower and support our team members — even beyond the life of this company.

One more thing — you need to know that Vsnap is a belief-based company and that our values are non-negotiable. They are: 

Be human. Smile. Breathe. Say what you love. 

Only help. Never ever just add noise. Like, ever. 

Be a doer. Action is character. 

Protect Simplicity. And it will protect you. 

Make colleagues and customers feel special. They will never forget how you make them feel. 

Celebrate questions. They are the doorways to discovery. 

Those simple statements are the tent poles of the culture we’re building. I talk more about why values are so important in this video. If none of this resonates with you, then there’s probably no point in us talking.  

For recruiters: I respect what you do, but I’m not interested in hearing from you regarding this opportunity. There will be a day when I need your help. Not now though. Thanks. 

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