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Meet Vsnap’s new VP of Product & Technology

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder at Vsnap

Hey Vsnappers — great news! — we have a new team member to introduce. Remember in November we put up a post that we were looking for an amazing engineer to head up engineering? 

Well, we found him. Chris Swenor is now our new VP of Product & Technology. He joined the team this month, in charge of everything related to the Vsnap product and how it works. Chris brings a level of technical leadership that is making us a stronger company — and making our product more powerful for all of you! 

A big part of Chris’s responsibility is to now bring on a couple more awesome engineers to round out the team. Right now we are looking for a Junior Developer with a huge passion for learning — someone who won’t stop at “It’s never been done before.” This is an amazing opportunity to work with the hottest technologies, and with mentors who thrive on making other people better. If you want to chat with us about these roles, send us an email at info@vsnap.com

It’s essential that you are aligned with our values. You can check them out right here. And if you’re thinking you want to launch your own company at some point — well, awesome! Check out our 5% Founder’s Promise. We want to hear from driven, curious, ambitious developers — and we absolutely take the long view on relationships!

Finally I want to say very sincere thanks to all of you for sharing our last hiring post and helping us talk to so many fantastic candidates. Special thanks to our friend Joe Nigro for inviting me over to Lucky’s Lounge to meet his buddy Chris.

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