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How Businesses Take Vsnap for a Test Flight

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder of Vsnap

Vsnap is focused on helping businesses make customers feel special. Our belief is that emotion is pretty much absent in almost all internet-based interactions between businesses and their customers. This is a function of the fact that text doesn’t convey emotion.

But little video messages do. In fact we’ve seen this over and over, how a vsnap can create incredible delight for the customer, and how that customer then becomes super vocal about the business that reached them this way. 

 Now we’ve created some simple pilot structures to make it easy for businesses to test this concept in a way that’s structured enough to produce really actionable learnings. Here are the key components:

·     Goal – to give you enough guidance to ensure that you’re successful using Vsnap, and to give you the data that helps your company adopt the tool more broadly

·     Structure – usually time-based, as little as one week

·     Commitment – each individual participant should commit a half-hour a day for the pilot

·     Format – we provide a 60-minute group training at the start of the pilot, then do mid-week check-in calls with each participant. Upon wrap-up, we give you a full report with quantitative and qualitative learnings.

·     IT Support – don’t need any

·     Cost – varies based on time and number of participants. We charge you because this is a high-touch engagement for us, and we need to make sure you’re committed to participating fully. But then we give most of the fee back to you in the form of a credit toward your subsequent licensing agreement, which allows you to use the premium features Vsnap is introducing.

So if you want to make your customers feel special, and you want the business benefits that derive from that, maybe a simple Vsnap pilot is the right next step for you. We think it’s a no-brainer. Most people get the idea that video conveys emotion better than text, but they don’t necessarily know how to put that in action. That’s what the pilot lets you see, at a low cost and low time commitment.

I’d be happy to discuss this with you – just email me so we can find a time for that conversation.    

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