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Vsnap View Rates, Attachment Actions and Feeling Indicators

by Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder at Vsnap 

Vsnappers using our free product can see whether specific recipients have viewed a message and whether they’ve downloaded any attached documents or clicked on any attached links. The picture above shows you where you can click to view the report. But our free product does not allow you to see your overall data. And for most people it’s pretty awesome. So I thought I’d share a few numbers.

Overall view rate

For people sending at least 5 vsnaps, the average view rate is 47.98%. So nearly half of all vsnaps are viewed by the folks you send them to. That’s pretty high. But that’s just the average. The fact is that many users have view rates over 70 percent!

Here are some best practices that can influence your view rates:

Make it personal. When your vsnaps are authentically personal, people LOVE getting them. In part this means that you shouldn’t send vsnaps to large lists. It’s pretty much impossible for you to send a message to me and a thousand other people and still have it feel personal for each of us. Think of Vsnap as the next generation of the hand-written note, and that’ll help you know how to use it. 

Titles. If you’re sending a vsnap via email, then the title you put on it will show up in the email notification that your recipient gets. Make sure you use a title that lets that person know this message was made for them – as opposed to having it feel like they got stuck on some big distribution list. (More on titling here).

Set up your Signature Vsnap. When you do this, the email notification that your recipient gets will have your picture in it. Seeing a real person diminishes people’s anxiety that the notification might be spam. View rates go up. (More on setting your signature here).

Think MOTF (Middle of the Funnel). If you don’t know what I mean by the customer funnel, here’s a quick primer from the team at HubSpot. It starts with making them aware of your product and ends with them taking action. Vsnap is not really optimized for creating awareness, but it’s a killer tool to move people that are already beyond that first hurdle. For examples of MOTF uses, such as conference follow-ups, check out this post.

The Message Itself. Of course if you send me a poorly crafted message, then I’m less likely to open the next vsnap you send. So what you say and how you say it matters a lot. Our view is that Vsnap works best if you just share a belief that you think your recipient shares, then ask them to take an action based on that shared belief. Here are tips on how to make the most effective messages.

Of course the look of the message matters too. Here’s an easy tip on how to get great light on your face so that you can look your best.

Attachment View Rates

Vsnap allows you to attach other files, documents and links to the video message. There are a million ways that this is practical for business people, including the fact that it lets you measure conversion right in the app.

When your customer watches the vsnap you send, then 43.77% of them also download your attachments. Again, that’s a very high number.

Here are some simple best practices that can increase the rate at which your customers download the stuff you send along with your vsnaps:

PDF it. Whenever possible, turn your attachment into a PDF. People trust that format, and it tends to download very quickly. Again, titles matter a lot in terms of people’s sense of trusting what you send.

Tell them what you’re attaching. In the vsnap itself, tell your recipient what you are attaching. That way they can’t miss it. See, when your customer watches your vsnap on a computer, it’s easy to see the attached icon. But it’s less obvious in the current version of the mobile experience. There, the video message fills the screen and it’s easy to miss the fact that there might be other stuff attached.

Coming Soon

While we’re talking about data, here are two things that are coming soon. Actually the first one was released yesterday.

Feeling Indicators

Businesses need easy tools to make their customers feel special. That’s why they use Vsnap. It’s a simple system that lets you bring that all-important personal / emotional layer back into your customer conversations. Which is why we wanted to give you some way to understand how you’re making your customers feel. So as of today, recipients can let you know with a single click whether a vsnap you sent felt helpful or thoughtful – or even amazing! Naturally you’ll be able to track these feelings in your feed.

Richer Analytics

The free version of Vsnap allows you to look at recipient behavior and now feeling on an individual message. Our premium offering, which we’re building now with the benefit of input from our early business customers, will give users much richer analytics and allow you to look across batches of vsnaps, of senders, and of recipients so that you can see big trends and overall impact.

If you’re interested in seeing how Vsnap can move the needle in your business, let me know (email or vsnap, dave@vsnap.com). We’re setting up several simple pilots for a variety of businesses right now. This is the best way to get valuable coaching and hard data.

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