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11 Ways I Use Vsnap

by Trish Fontanilla, Community Manager at Vsnap

When I tell people I send anywhere from 50 - 200 vsnaps a week, they always do a bit of a double take. There are a lot of reasons why I vsnap, but I figured I’d share my top 11. Pardon me if this is a bit of an indulgent post, but I feel kind of like the President of the Hair Club for Men. Not only do I work for Vsnap, I’m also a client. 

  1. Pre - event/meeting ~ This feels like a party trick, but I love it. Own the room. Send a vsnap to the person you’re meeting or even someone you see on an RSVP list before an event. I sent vsnaps to panelists I wanted to meet at SXSW this year, and it was pretty awesome that a few of them remembered me. 
  2. Follow ups ~ I go to a lot of events and conferences, and always come home with a stack of business cards. What’s a better way to stand out, than to send a vsnap and attach the blog post/white paper/article you were talking about at the event. (Remember, only help.)
  3. Twitter Followers ~ Every single person that follows us on Twitter gets a vsnap from me. Okay, that’s a lie. If it looks like the person is spamming or doesn’t interact with their Twitter followers, I use my discretion. But, it is important for me to let our followers know I’m here if they have any questions! And yes, I personalize each one. Click here to check out the Vsnap/Twitter integration.
  4. Birthdays ~ Whenever I think of someone’s birthday, I think of "Birthday" by The Beatles and want to sing it. And let’s be honest, sending a vsnap is way better than typing out the lyrics on Facebook. Pro tip: If you don’t go on Facebook every day, export birthdays to your calendar so you never miss one! Can’t find the export button? Here’s a walkthrough on Facebook
  5. New jobs/promotions ~ Whenever I get a LinkedIn email telling me someone got a new job, I send them a note to congratulate them. Remember, you can also send vsnaps via LinkedIn
  6. Customer Service ~ This can be a HUGE timesaver, especially with our apps (Android or iOS). I just hop on Vsnap.com on my laptop and record a walkthrough, while actually using one of our Android/Apple devices to demo. 
  7. Event invites - I held a benefit on my birthday this year, so I sent some vsnap invitations with my fundraising link attached. It gave my friends a chance to see how I was doing, plus it showed just how passionate I am about the cause. I got more people to come to my event and I raised more money than I did last year!  
  8. Vsnapiversarys ~ Vsnap launched its beta about a year ago, so I’ve started to send anniversary messages to our very first vsnappers. We’re so grateful for all of you! 
  9. Team Updates ~ My team does this every week. For me, I tell a vsnapper anecdote or give a quick update of my goals, then attach a Week in Tweets via Storify, and sometimes an Evernote notebook of articles I think the team should read or a PDF of coverage we’ve received that week. A team update means less than 10 minutes on my end watching everyone’s vsnaps and one less meeting each week. 
  10. Family - This isn’t a main use case for us, but it’s still one of my favorites. I’ve got family all over the place and I don’t get to see them very much. Vsnap has been the perfect way to connect (and re-watch their messages whenever I miss them). 
  11. Thank yous and #TYIF - Thank You It’s Friday! Some folks think this is just a Vsnap team thing, but anyone can do it. Think about someone that has helped you out this week and send them a vsnap to say thank you. If you’re on Twitter, do it on a Friday and tag with #TYIF. Here’s a post from CEO Dave McLaughlin about what amazing things can happen when you vsnap a thank you: The Gratitude Movement

Now can you can see how I can hit those high numbers? So, what am I missing? How do you vsnap? Feel free to comment below or send me an email/vsnap to trish@vsnap.com. Of course you can always tweet us too. 

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