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Event Recap: How Startups Access Large Enterprises

By Trish Fontanilla, Community Manager at Vsnap
Community is important, and it was a pleasure to help produce an event that bridges the gap between startups and enterprises in Boston. If you missed the event, don’t worry - we captured the video for you and it’s available below. 
But first, we have quick several thank yous, starting with the panelists: 
Thank you also to the following folks:
  • Christine Sierra and the BREW team for inspiring our topic. 
  • Our partner Startup Blvd and especially Enrique Shadah for putting together the panel. 
  • Richards Barry Joyce and Partners for sponsoring the event and food. 
  • Burns and Levinson, especially Angeline and Abbie, for stepping in as the event host after a last minute change. 
Here’s the video. It’s about 35 minutes long but worth watching. Some of the key insights were:
  • Startup egos often get in the way of opportunities to work with large enterprises. The startup has to balance its desire to protect a future hypothetical opportunity with the realities of what the current collaboration opportunity will require.
  • Big companies are nearly incapable of acting on your idea, so don’t worry too much about them stealing it. Usually they can’t make decisions and allocate resources around a fledgling idea. It’s not what they do well. 
  • Figure out what is the most important thing to the person you’re talking to. Not what is the most important thing about your vision for your startup. What does this other person NEED? And then look for ways your startup can provide that (assuming you want to).

How Startups Access Large Enterprises from Vsnap Inc on Vimeo.

Also, there are a few more BREW events this week, click here to view their calendar
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