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Storytelling, Startup-style

by Dave McLaughlin, Co-founder and CEO of Vsnap 

Last week I had a chance to participate in an event called INNOVATE Boston, held at the Cambridge Innovation Center. I was one of five CEOs of early-stage companies to talk about what we’re doing and why. It was the “and why” part that, for me at least, made the event so great. Everybody talked about the things that were driving them to launch these companies. It felt more personal than just the x’s and o’s of our respective strategies. 

Thanks to Aaron Niederhelman who organized the event, and to the Cambridge Innovation Center, Gesmer Updegrove, and Bridge Bank for sponsoring. Thanks also to the crowd. I found myself in some great conversations after the speaking session was over. And special thanks to the other CEOs who talked about what they believe and why they’re pouring their hearts into their companies. 

Chase Garbarino, CEO of BostInno 
Ben Carcio, CEO of Promoboxx 
Stephen Marcus, CEO of Matchbox 
Jordan Fliegel, CEO of Coachup 

The talks reminded me of Bill Warner’s “Build Your Startup from the Heart” series, which you can watch here (from Innovation Breakfast). Bill talks about communicating our intentions, rather than just sharing the details of our companies’ inventions. This event captured that spirit, and I think people came away very energized. I certainly did. 

Here’s a video of the ideas I shared at INNOVATE Boston. Check back soon and I’ll link to the official video from that evening. 

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