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Vsnap Goes Mobile!

by Dave McLaughlin, CEO and Co-founder of Vsnap

I am very pleased to share that Vsnap’s iOS and Android apps are now available for free download. After spending the last six months intensely studying how people use Vsnap on the web, we’re so so so excited to watch how people will use Vsnap on their smartphones and tablets!

(Number one cool use we see right now: super-simple thank yous to customers and partners, sent as vsnaps. It’s the video version of a hand-written notecard. Always a nice touch. Always appreciated.)

Okay, here’s the product stuff…

·      What You Can Do

For these apps, we really went minimalist to ensure the simplest experience for users. You can easily record a video message up to 60 seconds long, attach a file, and share to one or more email addresses. I mean really easy.

·      Dropbox Integration

We’re in love with the way that short video, in a simple interface, allows you to add really natural, nuanced context to some other thing that you’re sharing. Maybe a product sheet, a promotional discount, an event invitation – anything. It’s all about helping the user really understand what you’re sending and why it matters. So we integrated with Dropbox, to make it easy for you to attach stuff to your vsnaps even though you usually don’t keep those files on your devices. Linking your Dropbox account is currently web only, and you can do so on your account page. 

·      Draft vsnaps

We’ve introduced the idea of draft vsnaps. Hit ‘Cancel’ on the share page and a vsnap will be saved to your drafts folder. When a vsnap is a draft, you can actually go back and edit the title, description, or attachments. This also lets you record vsnaps on the go, but wait to share them until you’re connected to wi-fi. Also, if your network is up, your drafts are backed up to our server so you can start your vsnap on a mobile device and complete it later on the desktop. Mobile devices are limited to 5 drafts and web drafts are unlimited. 

·      Sharing

The Twitter share that’s on our website, that’ll be in the apps soon. Promise. Also we’ll give you a way to share to groups, like you can when you use Vsnap on the web. For now though, it’s just share-to-email. If the email address you’re entering is in your local contacts, the app will pull it from there. And just so you know, we don’t pull your address book information other than for the purpose of letting users select their shares. 

·      Analytics

If you want to see whether a recipient has viewed your vsnap or downloaded an attachment, you have to do that from the web – or at least from the mobile browser – for now.

·      Manage/Add Contacts

Also a web-only activity. For now at least.

Thanks, everyone, for trying out Vsnap and helping us refine the product. We are really proud of where we are and we are so gratified by the enthusiasm of our users. There is a widely felt, deep desire to have a more personal way to communicate with the folks that matter in our lives, and to have that tool be easy for both sender and recipient.

That’s what we’re dedicated to giving you. We’re committed to listening and learning, and to living the Vsnap mantra:

Simple and Personal.

For iOS devices (iPhone/iPad), download here.

For Android devices (phones/tablets), download here.  

And if you’d like to become a Vsnap Jedi, sign up here to receive short tips for sending awesome vsnaps. 

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