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Vthankyou Wrap Up

by Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Cofounder of Vsnap

On Veterans Day, we wrapped up our Vthankyou campaign. We spent about $30 to launch this effort to give people an easy way to express their support for veterans, and we estimate that it generated about 2 million impressions, mostly via Twitter. So many people shared such powerful feelings of gratitude and good will for veterans. You can see them at www.vthankyou.com. It’s our sincere hope that veterans find strength and support in these simple, unvarnished statements. 

Behind the scenes at Vsnap, we just rebuilt our web application on an open source platform, and Vthankyou was the first time it was used. We apologize for the bugs that some people experienced. We’ve got them resolved now — thanks to feedback from users like you — and we are adding mobile and tablet applications as we speak. January will see the launch of our beta, which will have a new UI and some additional features that many of you told us would be valuable. 

So, on behalf of America’s veterans, thanks for your support and participation in Vthankyou campaign. And on behalf of the team at Vsnap, thanks for helping us strengthen and refine our product. We’re working hard to bring you a tool that adds value in a variety of ways, and we’re psyched to have your support! 

PS - the Vthankyou campaign wound up acting as a kind of test run for groups that want to use Vsnap as a tool to capture and promote customer testimonials. We pulled together some learnings in a little case study, which you can read here

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