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Recap: MassChallenge Startup Showcase!

Last night was the MassChallenge Startup Showcase. Over 50 of our fellow finalists took to the stage to deliver vsnap-sized, I mean 60 second, pitches to an audience that was standing room only (over 600 people RSVPed). Our CEO Dave McLaughlin drew the lucky #1 spot and kicked off the night with his high energy pitch: 

Don’t you want him to throw the microphone down at the end? 

The other MC finalists that pitched were… 

Privy - “A plug and play, online promotions platform for merchants.”

Abazyme - “We fuel the life science research engine with custom reagents.

good two - “Good deal. Good cause.”

Casa Couture - “Revolutionizing Footwear. Changing Lives.”

biba - “Drink Smart. Stay Hydrated. Drink Biba.”

ArtVenue - “ArtVenue finds local businesses like restaurants, cafes, and boutiques that are interested in showcasing artists’ original works.” 

RaceMenu - “Events are more fun with friends.”

cerahelix - “A new twist on filitration.”

Xonami - “Audio editing in the cloud.”

Blank Label - “Making the luxury and empowerment of custom more accessible and affordable.”

Sitting Around - “Babysitting made better.”

KickinKitchen.TV - “A new recipe for nutrition and health education for digital natives.”

Swellr - “Shop local, invest in education.”

Made In The Commonwealth - “Renewable jet fuel for Boston.”

TurnStar - “Start a conversation.”

REBIScan - “Eradicating vision loss in children.”

Speedbump - “Safe driving made easy.”

Her Campus - “A collegiette’s guide to life.”

netBlazr - “Free your broadband.”

Precision Slip - “Increasing fuel efficiency, speed and reducing the carbon footprint of marine vessels.”

ADC2 - “Improvement of the video compression performance of any video codec by a factor of 5-10 without loss of video quality and no change to the code itself.”

Libboo - “The social publishing revolution.”

KangoGift - “Instant gifts by cell phone.”

Splitwise - “Keep track of who owes who.”

maternova - “Tools and ideas that save mothers and newborns.”

AirVentions Inc. - “Airport Ramp Inventions.”

Wave Thread - “Better fasteners to connect the world.”

bindo - “Local shopping made easy for everyone.”

flexreceipts - “Lose the paper.”

File2Part - “Transforming digital 3D images into physical objects.”

Artaic - “Innovative mosaic.”

Invup - “Reinventing community involvement.”

ubersense - “Healthing athletes and coaches win.”

RFvenue - “Lose the static, not your audience!”

ChromaTan - “Scalability and cost efficiency for life-saving therapeutic drugs.”

Electric Pipeline Corp. - “Enabling technology for DC power transmission.”

Driveway - “Drive! Enjoy! Save!”

fetch - “Full-service storage for your stuff.”

StyleShare - “The street is trending.”

olapic - “Smart photo crowd-sourcing for brands and publishers.”

Smak - “Conversations not clutter.”

ZanaAfrica - “Affordable eco-friendly sanitary pads.”

Pintley - “Tap into your tastes.”

Therapeutic Systems - “Better sensory solutions.”

Fairbooks - “We make textbook buyback suck less.”

Bioarray Therapeutics - “Diagnostics for effective cancer treatment sooner.”

repeat receipt - “The app that turns your receipts into cash back rewards.”

thetaplab - “Real games for the real world.”

livecirrus - “Deploy now. Access anywhere.”

Learning Unlimited - “Help every student find their passions!”

Zarzatech - “A systematic approach to health care delivery is at the core of our research and development process.”

National Family Mortgage -“Always invest in family.”

Diffuse5 - “Just be.”

AltrUHelp - “Inspire Altruisim. Be the movement.”

The night was not only special because it showcased the MC finalists, but because it showed off the amazing MassChallenge team (shout out to Jeremy Bersin and Joe Nigro who aren’t on that page). The evening and the accelerator would not be the same without MC’s organization, dedication, and energy. Thank you! 

We also wanted to thank all of the folks that stopped by our cube, blogged about us (thanks GivingSomeThing), or tweeted. I don’t mean to show any favoritism, but I’ve gotta say my favorite tweet might be this one: 

Hope to see all of you at the MassChallenge Awards Ceremony next month (October 24th). Oh and don’t forget to visit our website to reserve your username! http://www.vsnap.com 

Vsnap ya later! 

-Trish Fontanilla, Community Manager at Vsnap

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