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13 Tools to Recapture Your Buyer’s Attention [eBook excerpt]

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO at Vsnap


(This is an excerpt from Tools & Tactics to Close More SQLs, a free eBook that spells out the benefits of focusing on SQLs, provides a case study to illustrate how to improve, then breaks out 11 individual obstacles and the tools to help you overcome them.)

The definition of a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) is that it has the attributes of a buyer. In theory, every SQL is winnable. You won’t actually win every one of them, but you almost certainly can increase your close rate from what it is today. Doing this requires commitment though, and you may wonder if it’s worth the work.

The following section is excerpted from the eBook.


There is a constant array of events that will compete for your SQL’s attention. If your rep finds a warm conversation going cold, he will need a plan to re-engage the SQL by means of multiple touches. The emphasis here should be on helpfulness and warmth. Make your engagement personal to the buyer. That means it’s about them, not about you and your product.


Your SQL may not be engaging with you, but chances are she is sending all sorts of signals on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Similarly, her company is putting out information that may help you re-engage. You can use social listening tools to help you here. Many companies do this earlier in the funnel, with tools ranging from Radian6 / Salesforce Marketing Cloud to HootSuite, but then forget the value of these tools in the SQL phase. So this is a reminder to take whatever listening tools you’ve already invested in, or use free ones like LinkedIn Updates and Google Alerts, and look at how they can be leveraged to help reps re-engage prospects.


You want reps to use those bits of information they capture as hooks to reach out to the prospect. Reps should not make their touches about their need to get the prospect back into a buying posture. Instead, make them about the prospect, and about the prospect’s needs, to the extent that they can be inferred from what your rep is hearing through the social listening exercise. Work hard to find an opportunity to create some nugget of value for that prospect. Then use a trackable email or video message (Yesware or Signals for email, Vsnap or EyeJot for video messages) to ask for a call to either get him back on track, or to requalify his interest and ability to take action.


Another tactic here is to provide rich content that is trackable. Knowing that the prospect has consumed your information is valuable because it allows you to affirm that they still have a certain level of interest. Tools like ClearSlide, PostWire and Brainshark allow you to communicate a lot of complex information. ContentRaven is another product that offers rich insights when you share it.


To learn about the other 10 common obstacles that can keep you from closing more SQLs, download Tools & Tactics to Close More SQLs for free.

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New Pricing for Vsnap’s September Release

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO at Vsnap

(New Vsnap logo created by our designer Kate Lindsay!)

We announced last week that Vsnap will be launching a new product on September 1st and that we will be discontinuing our free service. We’ve been getting a lot of questions around the new product, so we’ve pulled together some of the frequently asked questions around pricing.

Why change your current pricing? 
We did not include pricing information in that announcement because we thought that without seeing the new product, any pricing information would feel more or less arbitrary. But we are happy to share more info.

Our new pricing is based on the fact that teams that have committed to learning how to use Vsnap and to measuring their usage are capturing major value, including big revenue increases. For those teams, Vsnap will pay for itself very quickly. And we will be actively investing in the product to increase that ROI even more.

So we’re re-setting the price points to reflect the impact to revenue that our most active clients are capturing by using Vsnap. For example, one of our clients recently shared with us that they closed 34% more of their sales-qualified leads when they used Vsnap to follow up on their inside sales phone calls. For them, that represents $3M in new annual revenue. (See the bottom of this post for more detail on this case study.)

What’s the new pricing exactly?

As of September, we will have just two products, called Team and Enterprise. These will be available as annual subscriptions only. We will not offer a month-to-month subscription.

Team Accounts

The Team account will cost $299 per user per year. It will have from one to 25 users. The features include the following:

  • Management oversight features so that leaders can support their team members and measure their activity

  • Provide a branded experience, richer than in the current product, for the customers watching your vsnaps. Your brand, not Vsnap’s

  • Real-time view notifications when your customer watches that vsnap you sent

  • Dashboards for each account member and for the team as a whole

  • Ability to send as many vsnaps as you want, which we will store and host for 12 months

Enterprise Accounts

An Enterprise Account will be any account that has more than 25 members, or that adds on features that are not included in the Team account. Examples of additional features include our Send As feature, our Salesforce.com integration (more info coming soon), and our APIs that give you greater customization and integration capabilities. Here’s a link to our Viewer API, and we’ll be adding another important API with the new product release.

Enterprise pricing is specific to a given customer. It will start with the $299 Team price as a base, then increases according to the additional features you feel you need.

Tell me more about the trial that everyone will be auto-enrolled in as of September 1st.
All new signups will be given a 14-day free trial so they can try out Vsnap for themselves. No credit card will be required for the trial. All existing Free Vsnap account holders will be transferred into a free 14-day trial when the new product launches, unless you ask us to shut down your account prior to that.

Can we get a sneak preview of the site?
We’ll be sharing more details on the new site as the launch day gets closer. Stay tuned to the blog for some sneak peeks of what it’ll look like and other features.

Where can I read more about the company that used Vsnap to close 34% more of its sales-qualified leads?
There’s a good description of the use case in this free e-book, Tools & Tactics to Close More SQLs. For August, we’ll be providing a more detailed write-up with a broader summary of the benefits that company captured.  

If you have any other questions about the new pricing or want to share some feedback, please feel free to contact us at support@vsnap.com and one of the team will get back to you ASAP. We’ll also be sending a few more updates in the coming months, so stay tuned to your email as well.

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New Vsnap Launching 9/1 - Here’s What That Means For Current Users

[Update: 7/7 - More info on pricing]

Hello Vsnappers -

In September, we’ll be launching a brand new Vsnap. This includes a new look, much greater customization, more features, and more support than we’ve ever had before. It’s going to be awesome, and we’re really excited about it!

As part of this transition, we’ve made the decision to discontinue all Free Vsnap accounts. Going forward, Vsnap will be a paid service with a robust free trial period to allow new users to assess the value that the tool offers them.

We know there are some free account holders who really love using Vsnap, and we wish we could continue to offer you this service for free. But our most active users have been our premium users, and we have to focus our team’s time and energy on our active community. 

On September 1st, we will transfer your free account to the new platform and put you into a Free Trial so that you have a chance to use the new product and see if you find it valuable. This will also ensure that all of your vsnaps are available to you during that time.

Remember, any vsnaps that you’ve sent belong to you. You can download them now, or during the Free Trial that we set up for you on the new account. That way if you choose not to upgrade, you will still have the video files that you created and want to keep. Click here if you need a reminder on how to download videos from the current platform.  

If you have any other questions, you can reach us directly:

by phone


or via email / vsnap

- Trish Fontanilla, VP of Community & Customer Experience - trish@vsnap.com

- Carla Cornejo, Customer Success Manager - carla@vsnap.com

- Bill Harris, VP of Sales - bill@vsnap.com

Thank you for your support and we hope to continue to work with you.

- Team Vsnap


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First Family Dinner At The New Vsnap HQ

By Dave McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder at Vsnap

On July 1, 2011 the Vsnap team consisted of myself and Employee #1, Trish Fontanilla, and we ran our first payroll. That makes this week our third birthday. The team has grown a lot since then. Of course, being Vsnappers, we wanted to celebrate in a way that’s focused on warmth and conversation. So we planned a family dinner party here at HQ for the team and some of the super significant people in our lives. It was awesome to meet the husbands and wives and boyfriends and girlfriends and friends and kids that we hear about day to day, but hadn’t had the pleasure of hanging out with prior to now. I mean, really awesome. Here are some pictures from the night. 

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3 Years Later: Why I Work for Vsnap

By Trish Fontanilla, VP of Community & Customer Experience at Vsnap


(screenshot of me testing out our beta site in 2011)

Yesterday was my Vsnapiversary! 3 years and 12,000 vsnaps later, I’m here because…

I want to make the web feel like a smaller place. - I joined Vsnap without ever seeing the product. I was going off of Dave’s drawings on napkins and whiteboards about the company vision and what the future of video would be. And from the very beginning, we set out to help our Vsnappers feel more connected to the people that matter. This has been especially true for web-based businesses that may not get to interact with their customers in person. I’ve had a chance to give a high five and sing happy birthday to people from Boston to New Zealand, Sweden to Malaysia. It’s crazy how these little video messages have brought people together despite language and oceans between us.

I want to be surrounded by people who genuinely care about their customers. - The kind of people that always have thank you notes and stamps at their desk. That pull in extra weekend shifts if they know their customers have a big deadline. That help old ladies cross the street even when they’re rushing home to see their families. I’ve gotten the chance to meet a lot of those people because of Vsnap. Which leads me to…

I want to build the community that brings these people together. - Dave has been my chief advocate in this regard. Giving me the space to connect with our community, but also pushing for the Customer Love Summit to happen and then handing over the reigns. For all the community and support folks out there, you know that on par with helping someone with your own product, is connecting your customers with like-minded individuals and resources that’ll help them succeed. It’s been a pleasure to get to know people that are not only full of heart, but that are people of action as well.

We’ve got a lot of amazing things in store. I’m nervous and excited and so thankful to be bringing you along this next leg of our journey. This summer we’ll be launching an entirely new product, starting with our web app — all based on our learning and all of the stories and feedback you’ve given us. Our core is unchanged, helping customer-facing folks use short, one to one video messages to convey tone and trust in order to grow business. But now that will be paired with the ability to put video messaging wherever you want: on your website, in your apps, etc. Wherever you and your customers are, that’s where we want you to have this tool.

And I’ll be here for you (we all will), every step of the way.

I’m accepting pies and comments below (well the pie we need to work out), or you can send me a vsnap / email at trish@vsnap.com with your thoughts. Here’s to a fantastic summer!

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